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Apprehensive about a negative post? Want to proactively build a brand and create a connection with your customer? Whether you are a business house, professional or celebrity, put your faith in our digital know-how to create an impactful online reputation for you.

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Online Reputation Management or ORM, as the name suggests, is the process of managing the perceptions prevalent about a corporate entity or even an individual on the Internet, on web based networking sites and social media, and on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

  • Influence SERP suggestions and results
  • Promote your brand’s positive image
  • Enhance interaction with your customer
  • Sway customer decisions
  • Monitor your reputation

Another term used for it is Corporate Reputation Management. The Reputation Management Services could also be referred to as Brand Reputation Management Services if the entity whose reputation being managed is a brand rather than a corporate.


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Our Unique ORM Services

Brand Reputation Management Services

Your reputation builds your Brands, allow us to build your reputation!

Reputation Management Services for Corporates

Build trust & mitigate risk with review monitoring & influencer strategies!

Reputation Management for Celebrities

Fame is a game best played with preparation! Choose us to help you!

Hotel Reputation Management Services

We manage and monitor patient reviews for a better reputation!

Hospital Reputation Management Services

We manage and monitor patient reviews for a better reputation!

Restaurant Reputation

We manage and monitor patient reviews for a better reputation!


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6 Month Package


Phrases Protected: 1

Positions Monitored: Top 10

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6 Month Package


Phrases Protected: 2

Positions Monitored: Top 10

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6 Month Package


Phrases Protected: 3

Positions Monitored: Top 20

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6 Month Package


Phrases Protected: 5

Positions Monitored: Top 20

Our ORM Strategy

Reputation Monitoring

Under our brand management services we provide, we will first of all monitor existing web material about your company’s brand and your products. Our online reputation monitoring software helps keep an eye on both professional journalism and user-created content such as blogs and blog comments.

Responding to Reviews

We will help you proactively respond to negative perceptions and reviews and at the same time, create and promote positive content on various web platforms relevant to your brand and company.

Increasing Accessibility

We will also help you devise ways to become more accessible and customer friendly, in terms of the online interfaces you use for interacting with, and providing information to, web users.


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How are Reputation Management services different from SEO?

Online Reputation Management is related to SEO or Search Engine Optimization, and it uses many of the same techniques. However, ORM has different goals from SEO. Online Reputation Management primarily aims to promote positive or neutral content about an entity – individual, brand or company – rather than just generate more traffic with relation to certain keywords. The main objective is to push negative results down in SERPs, so they are seen by fewer people when searching for that entity.

Reputation Management Services – What is the process?

The process we follow for online reputation management services is simple and includes the following:

  1. Promotion of existing positive content
  2. New content and social media profile creation
  3. Active involvement in the social web sphere (through forums, blogs, social networking)
  4. Responding to negative reviews on different online media.

Why you need Corporate Reputation Management services?

The importance of reputation management services should not be underestimated, as user generated content about products and companies has become very influential today with burgeoning of consumer complaint forums online. These have become important enough to impact search engine results and sway your potential customer into going with your competitor instead. As such, Cokion’s brand management services are the best option for corporate reputation monitoring, protection and management.

Read Most Frequent
Online Reputation Management Questions

What is online reputation management meaning?
What Is Online Reputation Management? Online reputation management (ORM) is when, in order to address any negative or false comments, you actively monitor mentions of your brand on websites and social media.
How do you manage online reputation management?
Here are seven actionable takeaways you can use to manage your brand's online street cred.
  1. Monitor your social footprint.
  2. Respond to people promptly.
  3. Ask for Google and Yelp reviews.
  4. Encourage brand advocacy.
  5. Be transparent.
  6. Set goals.
  7. Know your audience.
What do online reputation management companies do?
A reputation manager ensures your business has a steady flow of verified online reviews to guide your customers' buying process. A reputation management firm also uses advanced reputation management software to build your review generation strategy and get honest online reviews from satisfied customers.
Why is online reputation needed?
Builds trust and credibility
The internet, especially social media platforms, allows consumers to provide an opinion on anything. People tend to buy from brands they trust. Trust is vital for any business. This is why businesses must find ways to build trust with their customers.
How can I improve my online reputation?
5 Ways to Proactively Improve Your Online Reputation
  • Monitor your online reputation and presence.
  • Have an online review strategy.
  • Work with influencers with great online reputation.
  • Be consistent and deliver on your promises.
  • Track your competitors' online reputation and strategies.
  • Years to build, seconds to tarnish.
Why do brands need ORM?
Brands: Brands are sold on reputation and they need to maintain their image to protect their brand. ORM is important because it adds sincerity in brand communication and makes it more attractive for customers. ... Even a small negative comment can spoil their reputation.
What affects your online reputation?
There are usually three main areas that impact your online reputation, with degrees of weight depending on the type of business: Social media. Search results. Website comments/reviews.
How do I fix my work brand?
To proactively begin a personal brand/reputation repair strategy, follow these five steps:
  1. Own Your Past. Take personal accountability and own the choices you made which led to your damaged brand.
  2. Define Your Desired Reputation
  3. Create a Game Plan.
  4. Set Metrics and Benchmarks.
  5. Get Clear on Your Values.