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Cokion, USA (United States of America)’s leading web designing and digital marketing company, offers exclusive mobile website designing services. Today, everybody is accessing the web on the move from their mobile devices. Earlier in 2018, Google made mobile first indexing essential stating that they’d been seeing, for some time now, more searches coming from mobile devices compared to desktops. And so, the shift to mobile first website designing requires immediate action. As mobile internet speeds continue to improve, and costs reduce across the world, no business can afford not to adopt a mobile first strategy.


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Mobile First Website Design Services from Cokion Web Services

Enhanced User Experience

Our UI/ UX experts recognize that website designing for the mobile requires specific fonts, narrower layout, optimized images and careful choice of important elements that need to show up first.

Technical Expertise

As a responsive website design firm, we know first-hand the high-importance of focusing on the following technical aspects – mobile wireframe, making touch targets prominent, using appropriate images and graphics, off-canvas navigation and more

Optimized for Different Platforms

Modern consumers do majority of their browsing, shopping, and searching for all services on mobile devices. We work to create a mobile first design, easily optimized for different platforms, capabilities and mobile browsers.

Enhanced Search Engine Indexing

When building you a mobile first design our development team ensures we follow Google’s best practices and guidelines for mobile first indexing. If your mobile website meets Google’s mobile first indexing requirements.


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What is Mobile First Web Design?

As the name suggests, a website designed keeping the screen size and specifications of a mobile or smartphone in mind is mobile first website design.
To both search engines and users, the mobile first design elements will make it easier to navigate, browse, research, shop, and buy from their mobile browser.

Why You Need Mobile First Design

As a leading mobile first design company, we can tell you, mobile first approach to website designing can give you significant edge by helping your potential customers to find and browse your website more easily than your competitor’s.
A mobile first responsive web design is necessary if you want to stay relevant in the industry.

We also Design User Interfaces for Mobile Applications

So how do you know if mobile website designing is right for you? It’s not just right, but essential if:

  • You’re a new business
  • You want to stay ahead of your competitors
  • Your competitor already has a slick mobile website design

As a leading mobile first design company, we can tell you, mobile first approach to website designing can give you significant edge by helping your potential customers to find and browse your website more easily than your competitor’s.
A mobile first responsive web design is necessary if you want to stay relevant in the industry.

Mobile Website Design FAQs

What is a mobile-first website?
As mobile usage grows rapidly, it is extremely important to think about the experience that users have on their smartphones. Mobile-first means designing digital experiences for mobile before designing for desktop or other devices. A website that is mobile-first will have UX and design suited for adaptability, viewability and usage across mobile devices.
How is a mobile website different from a desktop website?
Mobile websites different from desktop websites in the following ways:

  • Mobile websites contain lighter graphics and images and tend to load faster
  • They adapt to screen sizes and specifications of mobiles and smartphones
  • They have an enhanced user experience which features fonts for readability, narrower layout, optimized images, and careful prioritization
  • They are designed to make it easier to navigate, browse, and shop on a mobile browser
  • Mobile websites usually contain lesser content than desktop websites, keeping only the most crucial information.
  • Most mobile websites are designed for vertical navigation as opposed to a horizontal experience on a desktop.
How do I make my website look good on mobile?
The first step is figuring out where you stand – assess your website’s mobile friendliness on Google’s Webmaster Tool. This will analyze your website and suggest solutions on how to make it mobile ready. A website can be made to look good on mobile by using mobile plugins on popular CMS platforms or implementing a mobile-first responsive design. Optimize the website for speed and faster loading. Ensure that your content is adapted to mobile and is readable. Make navigation obvious and easy-to-use and ensure that all phone numbers listed are clickable!
Why do you need mobile website design for your business?
Mobile usage is exploding and over 60% of searches online now come from a mobile device. It is safe to say that we can no longer ignore mobile experience for users. It is necessary to ensure a tailored experience for mobile users so you can increase your reach to potential customers on mobile devices. Furthermore, having a mobile friendly website is great for your SEO. With a mobile website, you invest in your future and gain traffic over your competitors.
What are the benefits of responsive website design?
The benefits of responsive website design include:
  • Increased mobile traffic
  • Better customer experience
  • Lower maintenance needs
  • Faster web pages and lower bounce rates
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Improved SEO

For further information, read here: Top SEO Benefits of Responsive Web Design

Does Google prefer responsive websites?
Google takes into account mobile-friendliness as a search ranking factor. This means that it is almost mandatory to have a mobile-friendly or responsive site if you wish to show up in mobile searches. Google gives preference to websites that provide a good user experience and load fast. However, there is no preference given between responsive websites vs a dedicated mobile website, as long as you provide a seamless experience to its searchers.
How often do I need to upgrade my mobile website?
There is no hard and fast rule to upgrades for your mobile website. We recommend closely auditing your website performance and user journeys. Stay connected to the industry and what your competitors are doing. It is also important to keep track of changes in the market and SEO rules. Upgrade your mobile website as and when your customers need an improvement in their experience.