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Increasing Download Numbers With A Robust App Marketing Plan

An optimized mobile app marketing plan is the backbone of any successful app campaign. At Cokion Web Services, we have the experience to use data-driven strategies to draw a marketing plan, implement it, evaluate its results, tweak the strategy as required, and finally, deliver measurable results. Given the dynamic nature of the mobile ecosystem, including the ever-evolving app store platforms and search engine algorithms, we take pride in staying up-to-date with the latest methodologies and tools. Our team of experts will help you choose a combination of services from the list below to help meet your app marketing objectives.

Our Mobile App Marketing Services

App Store Optimization

Get your App ranked at the top for your target keywords on the Play Store and Apple Store. Enhance App visibility and Increase Download Numbers with our app store optimization services

App Install Campaigns

We have accumulated vast experience with App Install Campaigns over the years. From managing Universal App Campaigns to running Ads directly on the Play Store and Apple Store – we’ve done it all. Many times over. For Apps across categories – gaming, entertainment, business, finance, telecom, travel and more.

CPI Campaigns via Affiliate Networks

Cokion Web Services will leverage its vast Affiliate Network to get the optimum Cost per Install (CPI) with the highest retention rates. Our hand-picked network of quality publishers can help you achieve a significantly higher number of installs.

App Reputation Management

Our Ecommerce website development services cater to multi-disciplinary requirements of performance, security, scalability and usability.

Mobile App & Mobile Web Designing

We offer mobile first design services with enhanced UI/UX, faster load times, optimized browsing and mobile assets that are responsive to multiple screen sizes.

Mobile App Development

We will create the best mobile apps for your business, to attract your users and build engagement! Following the requirements of each mobile platform, our app will adhere to the policies and rules required to be a robust app that gets you a high market penetration.


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What is mobile app marketing?
Mobile app marketing is the promotion of your app through paid and organic channels. The objective is to gain more installs, more visitors and more in-app purchases. Our app marketing services include app store optimization, install campaigns, affiliate partnerships for promotion, advertising, and reputation management.
How do I promote my mobile app?
Depending on the newness of your app, your competition, and your reputation in the market – mobile app promotion strategies will vary. We recommend a strong PR outreach, a dedicated website or landing page, excellent optimization on the app store and a thorough content marketing strategy. You can send out your app for reviews to tech bloggers, review sites, and influencers as well as chalk out a paid strategy on social media and other channels. Referrals and promo offers are also a good way to promote your mobile app.
How do you create a marketing plan for a mobile app?
A marketing plan for a mobile app will include:
  • Understanding your audience
  • Understanding competitors in your niche
  • A website or microsite with a strong CTA
  • App store optimization strategies
  • A holistic content Marketing strategy that includes blogs, videos, reviews, testimonials etc.
  • A launch plan with a strong PR push
  • Paid advertising strategy
  • Analytics and tracking performance
What Does a mobile app marketing agency do?
A mobile app marketing agency can help you take your app to the next level with the help of the following services:
  • App store optimization
  • App install campaigns
  • App Reputation Management
  • Affiliate Partnerships
  • Paid Advertising

At Cokion, we have the experience to use data-driven strategies to draw a marketing plan, implement it, evaluate its results, tweak the strategy as required, and finally, deliver measurable results.

What are the best app marketing strategies?
  • Create a winning landing page
  • Understand your TG and competitor landscape
  • Excellent app store optimization
  • Leveraging blogs, videos, and social media to reach audiences
  • Tracking and measuring performance with actionable insights