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Amazon Global Selling

What is Amazon Global Selling?

Amazon Global Selling (or AGS) is a program, which allows sellers to list and sell the products on Amazon’s global marketplaces.

As of now, Amazon operates 13 online marketplaces (or websites) globally, enabling sellers to scale their business throughout the world, irrespective of where their businesses are physically established.

The list of Amazon marketplaces include


How Does Amazon Global Selling Work?

Amazon Global Selling

Wider customer base: Once you sign up, you can reach out to a wider range of customers.

FBA advantage: Customer service and international shipping are no longer complicated, as Amazon has made it simpler with FBA.

Reduced cost for branding: Since you are already established at the marketplace you are currently selling in, Amazon makes it easy for you while expanding globally. It reduces the cost for brand building.

Increased sales during festivals: Be it Christmas, Cyber Monday, or Black Friday, you can boost your sales during the festive seasons celebrated throughout the world.

Earn in euros, dollars, rupees, and pounds: From currency conversions to fund deposits to your bank account, Amazon makes sure that you receive payments securely on time.